Tools and consulting for CANopen CiA447, Car Add-on Devices, OneBox Single Vehicle Architecture (OBSVA)

Professional CANopen CiA 447 tools and services

We offer a wide range of products and services for developing, testing, configuring and maintaining CiA 447 gateways, devices and entire CiA 447 networks.

Our products include "447izer" chips and modules for instant integration of CiA447 into exisiting products, "CANopen Magic" monitor and analyser software, CiA447 gateway and device simulations, embedded CiA447 CANopen source code, sophisticated node and network configuration and testing.



CiA 447 Simulation System

Essential for any CiA447 development. Run simulated nodes like an in-vehicle network gateway on your PC and interact with your own devices.

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Diagnostics & Testing

Our CANopen Diag hand-held unit provides flexible and sophisticated CiA447 testing. Ideal for R&D and workshop environments.

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